In style to Schiphol

Do you a business trip where you rather spend your more productively than driving? Then you are in the right place with taxi van der Veen. The comfortable leather backseat and black tinted windows make sure that you enjoy your ride to the airport in a comfortable manner without being disturbed. A cab ride from Leeuwarden tot Schiphol take approximately about one and a half hour. If you want to use this time to work rather than to relax, simply plug in your Smartphone or iPad in the 12 volt outlets which the backseat is equipped with.


The standard rate for a single trip to Schiphol is €175,- and €325,- for a roundtrip. We also offer group transport up to a max of eigt people in our luxe Ford transit van. The group rate is €215,- for a single trip and €410,- for a roundtrip.


When you travel with multiple people, please take in account the size of the vehicle. Our luxe sedan can fit four large suitcases max. Our van can hold approximately up to eigt large suitcases/bags (plus handluggage). If you have questions or doubts, feel free to contact us here or call us at +31 617518390.