Who is the face behind taxi van der Veen?


Rudy van der Veen is the proud owner and nameholder of taxi van der Veen. After sixteen years of experience as dispatcher and driver for several companies, Rudy took the step of starting his own taxi company, and with great succes. Taxi van der Veen has made quite a name for itself in and around Leeuwarden. Rudy can be easily found dressed in his black jacket and equipped with an elegant gray Mercedes E-class. Rudy usually is standing at the cabstand near the train station in Leeuwarden. Not only does Rudy know how to flawlessly navigate through all the streets and alleys in the city, he can also point out the finest restaurants and places of interest in our cultural capital of 2018.


Where and for whom is taxi van der Veen?


Taxi van der Veen’s slogan is: ‘for all your transportation’ and that is quite noticeable. Besides destinations in and around Leeuwarden, you can also travel fast and comfortably to Schiphol airport, the ferry in Holwerd or Lauwersoog, Dokkum city and many more. Rudy is perfectly qualified for VIP transport, but he is also at the disposal of the visitors who want to explore the booming nightlife of Leeuwarden. Due to his years of experience in transporting those with specific needs, Rudy is very familiar and competent around the elderly and people who are physically or mentally challenged. Furthermore, Rudy is in the possession of his taxi license, chamber of commerce number and first aid certificate. That is how you know you are always in good care when you are driving with taxi van der Veen.

Are you in a hurry, but out of cash? No worries, you can always pay by card when driving with taxi van der Veen. Look here for more information about fares, contracts or price estimates.


Taxi van der Veen is skilled in all sorts of transportation. Whether you need to travel for business to the airport,  want to explore the cultural capital of Europe or want to go clubbing. Taxi van der Veen is at the service of anyone who needs a cab. Taxi van der Veen attaches great value to terms like ‘safe, quick and reliable’ when talking about transportation. Do you have any further questions or remarks? Please ask them here or call us at +31 617518390.